"They don't stink out the whole house and give my pup that extra bit of goodness in a very clean, easy to transport way."

Premium Steak Dog Treat - Large

Our naturally grass-fed, free-range dried premium Kangaroo steak is simply irresistible to any dog. Being high in protein, loaded with essential vitamins and minerals, and low in fat, it's one of the healthiest pet treats on the planet. When compared with other meats, the health benefits along with the palatability of natural kangaroo meat makes it an easy choice for owners who want to guarantee their dog has a happy, healthy, and long life.



"They don't stink out the whole house and give my pup that extra bit of goodness in a very clean, easy to transport way."
Recommended Dog Size

Suited dog size: Med-Large

Please note that our recommended sizes of dog treats are provided as a guide only. Dogs come in all shapes and sizes, and what may be suitable for one dog may not be suitable for another. We encourage our customers to use our guide as a starting point, test the treats out for themselves and observe their dog's behavior to determine if a particular size or type of treat is appropriate for their pet. Always supervise your dog when giving them treats and consult with a veterinarian if you have any concerns about your dog's diet.

Feeding guide

Always supervise pets while chewing.

Make sure fresh water is available at all times.

Product specifications

Approx. Size: 20cm x 5cm on average.
Approx. Weight per piece: 40-60g

Nutrition information

Protein 83.9%, Fat 4.8%, fibre 5.2%, moisture 9%, energy 3100Kcal/kg

Customer Reviews

Based on 153 reviews
Sharon G (Brisbane, AU)
Great product - Definitely for a larger dog ;)

I have a mini Poodle, Benji - just under 10 KG - we usually get a Premium Steak Dog treat - Small
pretty regularly - and Benji likes to get one every night after dinner
- in fact - I only have to say he wont get it if he doesn't eat all his meal and he is right onto it

So when I was doing the last order I thought - hmm - large pack 500g instead of 300g - yeah I can break em up... haha - Nope!
well some I could - the rest - my neighbour's Labs think they are FAB, cos they are possibly just a little too much for a treat for smaller dogs :)
tho He and his friends are more than happy to try!

thank you for such wonderful treats :D

Hi Sharon, thank you so much for your delightful feedback! It sounds like Benji has a discerning taste, and we're thrilled to be a part of his nightly routine. We appreciate your loyalty and enthusiasm for our treats. It's wonderful to hear that even the neighbor's Labs are fans!

Adi17 (Sydney, AU)
Long Chew

My staffie girl loves them a lot I give her one every 2nd day with other pet snacks I hid them in the garden before I go out I’ve watched her some times through the window she finds it & eats it first slowly enjoying every chews

Hi Adi, it's wonderful to hear that your staffie enjoys our premium steak dog treats! We love hearing about these delightful moments. It sounds like she's having a great time discovering and savouring her treats in the garden.

RosieMacKenzie Reiner (Sydney, AU)
A Long Time Yummo Chew even good after burial.

Good healthy snack that my Mum gives me. She has found out that her garden secateurs can cut the big ones in two so they last longer. Good for my teeth too.

Thank you for taking the time to write this review, Rosie! We're glad to know that our Premium Steak Dog Treats are a good healthy snack and good for your teeth too.

Elza Findley (Sydney, AU)

My AmStaff Raffy loves these.
Protein without any fat.

Thanks a lot for the review, Elza! We're very glad to hear that our Premium Steak Dog Treats are keeping Raffy happy and healthy!

shermack2013@gmail.com (Perth, AU)
Scrumptious Treat

The only time Jess does not bark at the postie is when her box of treats arrive. She absolutely loves Pet Snack treats. Pet Snack products do not stink us out the house.

Thank you for the great feedback and support!

Kimberley (Perth, AU)
Steak dog treats

Sasha looooves her Steak dog treats.
They are her ultimate favourites followed by dental chews. 😊